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Over 40 Ways to Decrease Your Auto Insurance Costs

Over 40 Ways to Decrease Your Auto Insurance Costs

There are many articles titled "7 Ways to Save Your Car Insurance" or "5 Tips to Reduce Your Insurance Coverage", but wouldn't it be great to put all the tips and discounts in one place? Below is a list of car insurance policies. This list provides a comprehensive overview of the car insurance industry in Canada and was compiled from the results of discussions with insurance brokers and the analysis of insurance offers.

1. Browse: research, compare and replace a career. There are many insurance companies and their tariffs for the same policy can vary widely. So use a lot of online tools and talk to some brokers as each company covers a limited number of insurers.

2nd suggestion: Do you need home and car insurance? Most companies offer discounts when you place them.

3. Professional membership: Are you a member of a professional organization (for example a Canadian chartered accountant or a Canadian Air Force Association)? Then some insurers offer you discounts.

4. Students: As an individual, students can slow down.

5. Alumni: Students who have graduated from a Canadian university (e.g. University of Toronto, McGill University) can qualify for a certain insurance deduction.

6. Employee / Member Science: Some companies offer discounts for union members.

7. Seniors: Many companies offer special tariffs for seniors.

8. Direct insurance: have you ever worked with a broker / insurance agent? Taking out a policy with a direct insurance company (e.g. an insurance company that works in a call center or online) is often cheaper (but not always) because it does not pay agents. / Make per sales policy.

9. Annual or monthly payments: Compared to monthly payments, annual payments help insurers reduce administrative costs (e.g. invoice) and therefore reward you with low rates.

10. Loyalty: A renewed stay with the airline can sometimes lead to long-term cuts for policy makers.

11th Annual Report: Check your policy and cover every year as further changes may apply to your new life situation if it changes.

12. Welcome discounts: Some insurers offer discounts labeled welcome.

13. Compare your costs: Knowing which other consumers you want to pay for insurance will help you identify who the business insurer is.

14. Car insurance discounts: Increase your car insurance premium if you think you can pay a higher premium in the event of an accident. This is particularly suitable for experienced drivers.

15. Do you have a second driver: do you only drive occasionally? Get a second reader instead of a primary driver

16. Minimum protection: Is the car old? Get the statutory minimum protection (especially liability) without collision damage (you are also protected if you damage someone's car, but your car is not covered).

17. Minimum insurance protection: driving cheaply? Simply get the statutory minimum insurance (especially responsible) without security damage (do not pay for your car).

18. Use your credit card: Check that your credit card insurance includes the location. When you pay with a car insurance card, you save about $ 20 a day in insurance premiums.

19. Use car protection: If you frequently rent a car and have car insurance, you need to check whether your own car insurance covers car rental. If so, you can save a possible premium for car rental insurance.

Over 40 Ways to Decrease Your Auto Insurance Costs


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